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Our SMS Communication tool comes with all the advanced features that allow you to have mechanism to receive text messages online or build text message in to your application. Two ways SMS communication via short code and virtual mobile number for Information gathering, receiving text replies of campaigns, Surveys, contests and Polls.

Get Customer Feedback

Get Customer Feedback

Receive Customer Feedback online Embrace the quality of using an SMS marketing short code or a dedicated mobile number so that your customers can communicate directly with your business in seconds. Capture mobile numbers for future communication, and provide requested information immediately. Messages can be forwarded to email, websites or another phone.
Conduct SMS Surveys & Polls

Conduct SMS Surveys & Polls

Taking polls from your customers is an excellent way to know what they are thinking and how you can offer them your services in an even better more efficient way.
SMS Text Auto responder

SMS Text Auto responder

Auto-reply to incoming messages with SMS auto responders and engage with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once created, a customer is able to request information to be sent to their mobile phone, all by sending a simple text message. 

Two ways to receive SMS, Easy to Use

Innovative Text provides 2 way tools allowing you to receive incoming SMS. Easy to set up, with no set up fee, contract or minimum term.

Dedicated Long Code Number

Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number / Long Code

Get your own dedicated Virtual number / Long Code, and receive messages sent against the number online are directly in to your application. End user will be charged for normal SMS rates. You can receive messages online or integrate with your application via our API.

Receive SMS Online with virtual mobile number is supported to below listed countries.

Supported Countries include Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,United Kingdom, United States.

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Keyword on Short Code Number

Keyword on Short Code Number

You have the option to choose keyword of your choice against the short code. By choosing this options; only the sender have to pay for texting the short-code for you the receiver it will be free of cost.


Web Based Tools & API to Recieve SMS

Receive SMS online or Build apps that can receive SMS using Virtual phone numbers and short code. Easy API to Recieve SMS via HTTP.

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Flexible Terms Flexible Terms
No lengthy contracts or set up fees. ,
Remember Virtual Code Easy to Remember Virtual Code
Easy to remember short and virtual long code
Capture Prospect Data Capture Prospect Data
Build a prospect database for your business. !
Host your Existing Short Code Host your Existing Short Code
Host your existing short code with our platform
Integrate with your application Integrate with your application
Integrate your application with our incoming text api
Two Way SMS Communicator Two Way SMS Communicator
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